Photo of the month DECEMBER 2014

Storm light gathers on the bay in Santa Cruz.  November 2014.
Canon A520.

The colors of the season

The colors of the season!  Some brightly colored trinkets from the riverbed this October.
Canon 50D, EF 50mm ƒ1.8 lens, ASA 100.

mooing at moss landing

Amtrak's Coast Starlight heads up the Coast Subdivision in 2006.  The cows at the Moss Landing dairy mosey along as the passenger train speeds past.
Canon D60, EF 17-40mm ƒ4L lens, ASA 1000.

Street motorcycle chic

Elyse bundles up on a summer day.
Canon 50D, EF 17-40mm ƒ4L lens, ASA 100.

American orient express

The American Orient Express zips through Alviso, California in 2001.  The luxury passenger train is now a memeory with most of the passenger cars dispersed to different owners today.
Canon A-1, FD 28mm ƒ2 lens, Kodak Supra 100.

Out for a ride

Elyse goes for a spin around the streets.
Canon 50D, EF 70-200mm ƒ4L lens, ASA 100.

warm springs tunnel motors

A pair of SP tunnel motors moves a freight train out of the Warm Springs Yard in 1996. 
Canon TL, FD 28mm ƒ3.5 lens, Kodachrome 64.

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