About the photographer

I use a combination of digital and film based photography today.  My fine art tends to revolve around the film side, although digital does pop its nose into that sector.  Almost all of my commercial photography is done exclusively with digital.  I do take pride in presenting quality over quantity.  I've seen too many bad photos made with an ultra expensive EOS Mark 5D by some dude in a tan vest.  A camera should never replace the skill level of a photographer.  It's also better to blend in and not be the spectacle when you're out taking photographs.  That often grabs the wrong kind of attention!  I've also realized while digital is convenient and the standard of now, it lacks the presentation standards of traditional B&W photography.  Therefore I've shifted gears to go back to 35mm B&W with a Canon body.  I also have the 4x5 camera for those special outdoor scenes, but it tends to be too slow for the trains.  I always carry my little Canon Powershot A520 when I am out and about.  You just never know what might come around! 


I've been taking photos for twenty years. I grew up in Los Altos, California and currently reside on the Monterey Peninsula. I learned photography from a variety of sources. Sometimes it was by trial and error. Other times it was out of a book. I did not take off as the photographer I am today without attending Foothill College. I learned many techniques there and I am grateful for the instructors that have taught there. I've also taken notes on my what my peers and friends have done in photography. After finishing courses at Foothill College, I became part of their staff in the department handling the duties of the photolab. I learned much about photo equipment during that period of time, whether is was repairing or operating it. I've also learned digital photography at Foothill and how Photoshop has virtually replaced color printing as we know it today.

My interest in trains comes from my family background. My great grandfather was a senior engineer out of Fresno for Southern Pacific. He worked trains such as the San Joaquin Daylight and the Owl. My interest in trains was cemented in 1984 when my family took a ride behind SP 4-8-4 #4449 on a recreated Daylight train #99 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Experiencing the Daylight as it was meant to be is something I'll never forget.


Aside from trains and photography, I have several other interests. I like baseball and football. I am a loyal San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan.  My all time favorite player for the Giants was first baseman Will Clark, and for the 49ers it was quarterback Steve Young.  I have a keen interest in classic television and cinema.  I am a big fan of the Streets of San Francisco, Dukes of Hazzard, Clint Eastwood, and Star Trek.  I also take an interest in politics, and military history.  As far as food goes, if it's a diner and it smells good, I am there!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by here and to view my website.